Third-party Testing Services


Due to the difficulty in applying today's highly technical coatings, independent testing verifications are often required to assure that a structure is properly protected. These confirmations can often be required to revolve disputes or concerns over the quality and future performance of a coating system.

Highly trained Inspectors conduct independent, professional, and systematic testing using advanced equipment and instruments. Testing is completed using state-of-the-art devices such as pull-off adhesion testers, ultrasonic gages, soluble salt detectors, hardness testers, moisture vapor monitors, holiday detectors, hardness gages, pH measuring units, and many others.

Technicians are well-versed in and adhere to numerous standards and practices established by industry authorities, such as NACE International
(NACE), The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC), American Petroleum Institute (API), and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Electronic reports with photo documentation are prepared to accurately document the results of the testing procedures. Our testing can unequivocally provide you with unbiased information towards either resolving disputes or confirming the quality of any coating installation.

Iconís in-process Coating inspection personnel provide a one-stop-shop for clientsí comprehensive third-party requirements.


For example, when your structure is about to have a coating applied you can rely on a certified Icon Inspector to monitor the paint or lining project from start to successful completion. The highly trained Icon inspector ensures that all technical contractual requirements are properly met and quality and regulatory standards are achieved.

By conducting an independent, professional and systematic inspection with advanced equipment and instruments, Icon inspectors can unequivocally provide you with unbiased project management and assurance of quality. Detailed electronic documents of the inspectorís daily reports are prepared, including an in-process photographs and verification results.

Our expert teamís experience includes work with inorganic zincs, epoxies, coal-tar enamels, coal-tar cut- backs, vinyls, urethanes, alkyds, acrylics, vinyl esters, PVC linings, Fusion Bond, and numerous other generic types of coatings that include 100 percent solids materials.


Iconís experience includes work with virtually all surface preparation techniques and airless, conventional, plural component, & other application systems in both shop and field.

Further, Icon International has extensive experience with coating-inspection instrumentation. These state-of-the-art devices include pull-off adhesion testers, ultrasonic gages, soluble salt detectors, moisture meters, holiday detectors, hardness gages, and pH measuring units. Personnel are well-versed in and adheres to numerous standards and practices established by industry authorities, such as NACE International
(NACE), the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC), American Petroleum Institute (API), and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Comprehensive Coating Expertise

And Failure Analysis


It is the Icon Internationalís experience, industry knowledge and upmost professionalism that position it as a top choice regionally and nationally for all-encompassing coating consultation


Project design

Many clients who have experienced coating failures now recognize the importance of coating expertise. They realize that understanding the coatings used to protect their capital investment is often the difference between long-term success and premature failure. Iconís involvement and industry knowledge assures that our design considerations include the most advanced technologies available.

Icon International is in the business of making informed and accurate recommendations that help you obtain the maximum life from your coating system. It is the companyís philosophy to take the guess work out of coating maintenance and help you save money, operate safely and provide quality products to your customers.

Icon International personnel can also provide support services for both new and maintenance projects through facility surveys. Based on industry standards and Iconís years of experienced, technologists / Inspectors follow specific procedures and methods to determine the condition of your coating and structure.

Specification Development and Bid Support

Once a plan of action is decided,† Icon can develop comprehensive technical specifications to assure that you receive the most quality-conscious craftsmanship in the most cost-effective manner. This third-party, independent approach extends to providing unbiased, experienced support throughout your repair or repainting project. During the construction phase of your project, the quality of your contracted work can be verified using Iconís in-process inspection services. This will ensure that all technical requirements are properly met and quality and regulatory standards are accomplished.

Investigative Evaluations

When the quality of your coating application fails, Iconís experienced personnel well trained in helping to resolve any questions or disputes regarding the reason for the failure. A Icon professional will conduct an on-site comprehensive investigation and systematic evaluation of the structure, addressing questions or concerns about the coating. Icon International has the ability to evaluate virtually any structure or item throughout field and or shop locations Clients are provided detailed reports, outlining Iconís findings and data, analysis, conclusions and recommendations for corrective measures, such as repairs or repainting.

Legal Support

If legal action is required to support claims of premature coating failures or questionable quality issues, Iconís professional personnel can provide answers to the fundamental questions of: What is wrong?; Why is it wrong?; How should it be fixed?; and Who is responsible? The principal evidence is provided within our professional reports that contain documented discoveries, findings, conclusions and recommendations for remedial work.

Where Our Customers Believe Inspection Is An Investment Not An Expense.

Icon International offers :

Site / Project Supervision, Coating Inspection / Consulting / Evaluation / Failure Analysis and Certified Safety Supervision


 Conduct regular safety site inspections to ensure employees are following safety protocol, identify safety hazards, educate and coach workers to solve and prevent safety incidences and worker injuries.

 Carry out FLRA (Field Level Risk Assessments) with employees..

 Ensure all safety policies and necessary contact information is communicated to the employees and posted in the appropriate locations on work sites.

 Attend, conduct and facilitate weekly safety meetings, and communicate back to supervisors and managers any and all safety related concerns.

 Ensure work-site specific safety protocols are followed and communicated to employee.

 Ensure compliance with all site rules and codes of practice.
Develop emergency response plans and confined space rescue plans.

 Coordinate confined space watch and spark watch personnel with foreman who are responsible for confined space entry and hot work tasks.

 Monitor environmental hazards, such as excessive noise, toxic agents, ectÖ

 Complete incident investigations when necessary.

 Ensure that any and all workers who require First Aid treatment receive it and documentation is in place.

 Development of Job Hazard Analysis for new and/or changing tasks.

 Audit FLRA's to find discrepancies between hazards, controls, and implementation of controls.

 Ensure compliance with OH&S regulations and codes.

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For some, the coatings or linings on their storage tank, wastewater treatment plant, bridge, or other structure go unnoticed until a problem arises. For others, staying on top of their coatings during a construction process or annual inspection is an integral part of their job and process.

No matter if your coating or lining need is the result of a proactive or reactive approach, you can obtain expertise and support from Icon International Coating Inspections. The highly trained and experienced personnel utilize the most advanced technology and resources to ensure the integrity of your coatings project.

Serving a host of industries around the country Ė from water and wastewater to petrochemical, power, architectural and transportation Ė Iconís long-standing commitment to efficient, cost-effective, quality service has positioned the company as one of the most respected and sought-after consultants in the field. By implementing meticulous inspections, precise surveys and advanced testing, Icon demonstrates its commitment to helping protect the people you serve, your property and investment, and the environment in which we all live.